non-surgical solution to spine and joint pain

Back to Life™ - Introduction

Back to Life™ is the original and leading, image guided spine and joint pain relief centre in South Africa.

Back To Life™ is safe, quick, effective and non-surgical. This is achieved via minimally-invasive, fine-needle injections, which are performed quickly and safely, without admission, under local anesthetic. Our advanced imaging guidance technology allows our expert specialist doctors to inject effective pain-relief medication directly into the source of the neck, back or joint pain. They provide months or even years of effective pain relief. Our injections are a safe and effective alternative to invasive back surgery with its operative risks, post-operative pain, prolonged recovery, and failure rate. Image Guided Spine and Joint injections are widely practiced abroad and now the technology and expertise are available in South Africa at Back To Life™.

If you have chronic back or other joint pain which is not being effectively controlled and you wish to avoid invasive surgical procedures or long term medication, call one of our consultants directly or visit us at The Rosebank Hospital in Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa.